Empowering Communities through Philanthropy

Kenneth and Caroline Taylor

Family Foundation

At the Kenneth and Caroline Taylor Family Foundation, our mission is driven by the values of dedication, principled leadership, and a commitment to making a positive impact in our communities. Established in 2000 by Kenneth and Caroline Taylor, our foundation serves as a beacon of hope and support for those striving to improve lives and make a difference. Explore our programs, meet our dedicated leadership team, and learn how you can join us in our journey of creating lasting change. Together, we are empowering communities through philanthropy.


Program Interests

At this time, the Board's primary program interests include:


Our scholarships prioritize science and ethics, fund talented students committed to integrity, and produce future leaders with high standards.


Timely and reliable access to medical treatment is essential in emergencies, prioritizing patients' well-being.

Economic Self-Sufficiency

Job training, the encouragement and support of entrepreneurialism, and mentoring.

Children and Families

Focus on the underprivileged, the working and/or motivated poor, and children with disabilities.

Arts and Culture

Arts and culture investments enrich society and promote economic growth while preserving tradition and fostering innovation.

Environmental Protection and Management

Sustainable practices: agriculture, biodiversity, waste reduction, and clean energy.

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