The Kenneth and Caroline Taylor Family Foundation is interested in funding organizations and projects that reflect some or all of the following principles:

  1. Fungibility (if there are alternative sources of funds for a project or organization the Foundation may be less interested in investing in it)
  2. Leverage (some multiplier in the gift)
  3. Place-based philanthropy (an emphasis on grants in the founders’ home town and its environs, but not an exclusive geographical focus)
  4. Capacity building (strengthening the health and capacity of non-profit organizations to create and deliver programs and services)
  5. Long-term, cumulative impacts
  6. Opportunities for multi-year investments

Partnership Criteria

Among the important qualities that the Foundation seeks in its grantees are:

  • Evidence of being an effective and dynamic organization
  • Consistent performance
  • Continuity in leadership
  • A bias against bureaucracy
  • An openness to partnership, both with the funder and other organizations
  • Credibility in the community
  • Demonstrated ethical and prudent management and governance practices
  • Commitment to results and to overall assessment of the impact of the program

Grants Guidelines and Limitations

  1. As a general rule, grants will range from $1,000 to $100,000.
  2. No application will be considered from an organization unless it has been determined to be tax-exempt under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code and “not a private foundation” under section 509 (a) of the Code, or, unless it is a non- 501 (c)(3) organization but the grant is for a program with a demonstrable charitable purpose.
  3. The majority of the foundation’s grants will be invested in initiatives identified by the Board. A small percentage of the Foundation’s grants may fund unsolicited proposals in any given year.

Types of Support

The Foundation will make available money for general purposes, seed money and support for special projects, including technical assistance.

The Foundation may also occasionally seek to stimulate innovative projects by issuing requests for proposals.

Application Procedures

Applications are due by October 31st.  The board typically meets in November/December, and will notify applicants of grant decision no later than December 15th

Questions about funding guidelines or information should be directed to the Foundation’s Executive Director.